Vehicle Lettering

Personalise your Vehicle

It’s great for advertising your business or club branding, contact details, personalised texts – the possibilities are endless.

All our products arrive pre-spaced with application paper on the front holding them all perfectly lined up and ready to apply, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of getting each individual number straight. We also include a free DIY application kit with all orders to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Self-adhesive vinyl letters, numbers and customised text stick to any clean smooth surface. For example on:

Premium Quality Vinyl

Durable in all conditions for up to 7 years

Shipping Australia Wide

Instant Pricing

How It Works?

Step 1

Enter Your Text

Enter your text and then hit Tab on your keyboard. The system will then load your text in the preview window.

Step 2

Select Font & Colour

NOTE - The background is not part of the sticker, it is simply for you to see what your sticker would look like on different backgrounds, car, boat, etc.. As the stickers are computer cut out of vinyl you only see the text, not a rectangular block sticker.

Step 3

Specify Size

Enter a Height, and the system will calculate the other measurement based on your design selections.

Step 4

Pay Online

Price is worked out on size and quantity. If you require a large number of the same sticker/s or graphics of a business logo please feel free to e-mail us for a quote.

Design Your Lettering

Price Calculator

Sample Text Here

The purpose of this preview is solely for display. The final print size will be determined by the Height and Width fields chosen below.

Certain fonts may not include variations such as light or bold styles.
For display purposes only, not part of the sticker.
The height value must fall within the range of 30 to 580.
The Width value will be automatically adjusted to optimise its relationship with the other chosen parameters for font and height.
The minimum price is $5.

Shipping Details

Your Order

Item Qty Price
Custom Vinyl Sticker $
Shipping Cost   $
Total   $

If you submit multiple orders within a day we will refund you the additional shipping fees.

Need Business Logos or Graphics?

Yes, we can also help you with business logos and complex graphics. Please contact us for a quote. 

Installation Guide

We understand the importance of hassle-free application for vinyl lettering. This is why all our products arrive pre-spaced with application paper, ensuring perfect alignment. With our complimentary DIY application kit included in every order, installing your vinyl lettering is quick and effortless. For a step-by-step guide, check out our installation guide, which provides detailed instructions to make the process even easier.

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